Insight Education specialises in educating property investors at all skill and experience levels, to become outstanding at property investing. Insight Education achieves this through a host of different products designed to educate at different levels and includes; Books, Webinars, Online Training, Forums, Live Events and One to One Coaching.
Insight Education was founded on the experience of successful property investor Aran Curry who has over 200 Buy-to-Let properties and has helped clients buy over 1,500 of their own investment properties. Insight Education teaches over 100,000 people per year, from a whole spectrum of experiences, from those who have never invested, to those who have a successful portfolio already and really want to make it big.


If you would like to get two days of really powerful property training – for FREE! Then this is your programme to start with Aran. You can attend from the comfort of your own home and he gives away more than most trainers give on their paid courses in this two day programme.

There are four steps to getting financially free ultimately. Spend three full days with Aran, either live in-person or virtually online, working through those four steps and helping you move forward across all four.

There are ten key areas you need to master to an 8, 9 or 10 out of ten if you want to become financially free through property. This programme which has helped thousands of people over the last 8 years to move forward massively on their property journeys teaches you across all the leading strategies and makes your financial goals a reality!

Go through a deep immersion in luxury, as you work on your life and property goals for the year ahead. Leave with total clarity on what is important to you and how you will love, cherish and look after it in 2024.

12 days of training, 600 hours of online content to use as and when needed (for life), live Q&A with Aran every fortnight for 18 months, a written plan for each year that Aran signs off on, every document you ever need and make £50k per annum or get your money back guarantee – all priced at far less than any of the competition – Aran’s headline programme if you want to get financially free.

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Work with Aran one to one – with an hour each week of direct work. Priced at £100,000+VAT it’s not for everyone, and it will get you to financial freedom and well beyond.
Aran’s bestselling book on Amazon – The Property Coach, takes you through the key areas you need to master to successfully invest in property – a superb start point to see how much value Aran adds!


How to buy 5 houses within 12 months… with little or none of your money!

The 6-Figure Property Plan:

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June

With these hard-won secrets, you can make £40,000 profit from ONE house! Thanks to a booming trend that only a handful of investors are using, this amazingly profitable strategy has virtually no competition.

Build a property business that pumps out cash without you… so you have the time, freedom and a luxury income to travel the world!

Choose one of the five core strategies that consistently make people £100k+ per annum and understand them! And effortlessly dig a moat around your legacy to stop it being destroyed by inheritance tax. This guarantees that your property portfolio protects your family for generations.

Free virtual online event.

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