The Property Coach

Grow and manage a profitable portfolio and win financial freedom

Order your hardcopy of The Property Coach for £9.99 and learn:

  • The best property sourcing strategies & rules to follow and implement to save you £1,000’s
  • Which properties to buy, where to find them & how to find them to ensure you achieve a maximum return on your investment every time
  • How to leverage property discounts so you always receive more than 15% discount every time
Get your copy of The Property Coach for £9.99

Chapter Preview

Chapter 5 – The Key Rules In Property Investing

-The key rules you NEED to follow to ensure your investments are successful

-The dos and dont’s of property investment

Chapter 6 – Investing In The Right Property

-The difference between investing in the Right property and the Wrong property

-What makes a property Right

Chapter 9 – Financing Your Property Purchases

-The different ways of financing your properties

-The best ways to finance in your current circumstances

Chapter 11 – Refurbishing Your Properties

-How to cost effectively refurbish your property to the correct standard

-How to leverage your power teams towards this end

Chapter 14 – Tax and Accounting

-How to be Income, Capital Gains & Inheritance Tax efficient on your properties

-How the professionals invest in property tax efficiently

Chapter 15 – What About The Downsides?

-The truth about the downsides in property

-And why they shouldn’t hold you back

Chapter 2 – Why Property?

-Why property is the perfect vehicle to take you from where you are to where you want to be compared to other investment options

-Why you can’t just rely on your pension

Chapter 4 – The Mindset Of An Investor

-The importance of having the right mindset in order to succeed in property

-The difference between an Investors mindset and a Homeowners mindset

Chapter 7 – Negotiating On Your Purchases

-How to agree the best deal for both you and the vendor

-How to source the best properties with the most discount or yield

Chapter 8 – Your Power Team

-Why you need to build a power team of experts

-Who you need in your power team, and where you can find them

Chapter 12 – Finding The Right Tenants

-How to find the most reliable, long term tenants for your properties

-How to leverage your power teams to find the best tenants for your investment

Chapter 13 – Managing Tenancies

-How to look after your property and your tenants at the same time

Chapter 16 – Other Types Of Property Investment

-Other types of property investment and how they suit different investors, with different lifestyles

Chapter 17 – Time For Action

-The steps you need to take RIGHT NOW to progress towards your goals

About The Author: Aran Curry

Over the last 20 years, I have built a 200 strong property portfolio, and written the best-selling book “The Property Coach.” 

Alongside my own achievements, in the last year alone I’ve trained over 100,000 people on their investment journey using my unique education systems and have helped over 1000 purchases take place through our “done for you” property investment service.

“Insight Education” was born out of my innate passion to help property investors experience the wealth, and success they deserve risk-free. As part of my mission, I also hold fortnightly webinars, regularly attracting 400 attendees to extend my education as far as possible. 

In June 2019 I shared a stage with Grant Cardone at the 10X Property Super Conference in June, educating over 1,400 attendees on my systems, and methods.

What Readers Say

I have done a fair bit of research into property investing in the way of books, seminars and mentoring and this book is by far the best free resource I have used. In fact I would go as far as to say it is as useful as a £1000 3 day course I paid for and attended.The book covers lots of areas and is quite specific in how, what, where and when to buy property. To be honest, after reading this book there is no reason why you couldn't put all the variables into action and begin investing.

Jonjo Burke

This would be good for newbies, but also has good reminders for the more experienced investor. It's a down to earth style, where you can dip in and out. The content flows well through the different rules & strategies for sourcing & buying the best investment properties. In fact I am going to lend the book to someone who may be interested in property, as I think it would reassure them on a lot of scores.


Presented in a practical, straightforward style, this is an invaluable aid for anyone attempting to navigate the investing minefield and it will ultimately help you achieve success as an investor.

R. Golightly

Well, this book is terrific. Presented in a light style it bounces along and succinctly covers a lot of ground. There's an integrity to the presenter, you believe him. He comes across as a man who has genuinely created a successful property investment business and is not another jump on the bandwagon property 'guru'.