Aran Curry

VIP Education Package

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  • Our Guarantee – A £1 million portfolio which makes you £50,000 per annum whatever time, money and experience you start with.
  • Mastery Of Ten Key Areas – Coverage of the ten key areas we believe make you a successful investor in the property market.
  • Aran’s Experts – Access to Aran’s team of experts that cover, in detail, every strategy that you could want to deploy
  • Bonus Content – Access to bonus content worth £1 Million

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    What’s included

    Part One:
    Ten Training Days With Aran Where You Will Cover

    • Psychology of an Investor
    • Buying Property at Discount
    • World Class Team and Your Property Plan
    • Buy to Let Property
    • Financing your portfolio – Mortgage Finance, JV finance and Protecting your assets
    • Joint Venturing
    • Refurbishing Property
    • Property Management and the legalities
    • Sourcing outstanding properties
    • Property Tax and Accounting

    Part Two:
    6 Days From Aran’s Experts Covering These Strategies:

    • HMO
    • Commercial into Residential
    • No Money Down Strategies
    • Serviced Accommodation
    • Deal Packaging – sourcing for others
    • Building a Property Business


    When I first met Aran I had money sat in the bank, and equity in my property. Not doing a thing. I worked in a factory as a printer, working different shifts that always changed. I had dabbled in holiday lets before but was cautious by nature.

    I was able to quit my job within 15 months, since then i have grown a portfolio of over £ million of property that creates £6000 per month cash flow for me and a further £6000 per month for my JV partner and £300k+ of equity growth each year.


    I found my learning with the Insight Group really, really useful. I enjoyed every moment of it.”
    10 months after attending the three day event kit had grown his portfolio from one property to six and has been able to give up work. By December 2019 he will have £10,000 per month rent roll and £5000 per month from his rent to rent business. Total £15,000 per month income.


    The Insight Group have to date obtained me 7 properties at massive discounts,… Have had tenants sourced and all have a positive cash flow and are looked after by The Insight Group, I literally don’t have to do a thing.


    Everything Aran told me was right, and having him on hand really added to my confidence” Chris now has 20+ properties and is buying one property per month. He started his property portfolio after meeting with Aran and receiving the push he needed.