Aran Curry

Property Mentorship Academy

Property Mentorship Academy is for those that are really looking to propel their property investing forward in 2020 and beyond.


Property Mentorship Academy (or PMA) combines a variety of different online learning materials and videos, and comes with a huge number of bonuses for those who join the academy in April20.



  • The ten key areas you need to master to successfully invest in detail. Master these to an 8,9 or 10 and take action and you will get financially free
  • How to read the property market
  • ​Out of the hundreds of property strategies out there the five that bring the most success and which one suits you personally for your resources and characteristics
  • ​Deep dive on whichever strategy you pick with two days’ worth of videos on each strategy
  • Deal Analysers so you can put in your numbers and the computer says yes or no for you on any deal
  • Every single document you will ever need for property investing – Aran has a company with 50+ people in it – you get every document – you could run property businesses with them all
  • How to build a World Class Team around you of tradespeople, accountants, solicitors, mortgage brokers, letting agents etc
  • The 18 step process so you know which towns and cities and which streets to buy your properties on
  • How to set your Rightmove alerts so you get emailed the day your perfect properties come on the market (we are buying our clients 30 a month – we know how to get them)
  • ​​The scripts/emails and phone call scripts to ensure you get superb discount every time
  • How to never pay more than 85% of what a property is worth (at least 15% genuine discount every time)
  • How to refurbish (280 page manual with photos, seven page checklist for when you reviewing a property and valuation cost)
  • How to tenant and manage the property
  • ​How to Be Your Own Bank and raise whatever money you need to do your property deals. Aran raises £20 million per year from joint venture partners – he will teach you how to do the same whatever experience you are starting with or skill level
  • ​​How to help other people in this difficult situation. Savers to earn more on their savings. Builders to sell their properties quickly. And many more people with many more property skills in your locker!
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Over the last 20 years, I have built a 200 strong property portfolio, and written the best-selling book “The Property Coach.” 

Alongside my own achievements, in the last year alone I’ve trained over 100,000 people on their investment journey using my unique education systems and have helped over 1000 purchases take place through our “done for you” property investment service.

“Insight Education” was born out of my innate passion to help property investors experience the wealth, and success they deserve risk-free. As part of my mission, I also hold fortnightly webinars, regularly attracting 400 attendees to extend my education as far as possible. 

In June 2019 I shared a stage with Grant Cardone at the 10X Property Super Conference in June, educating over 1,400 attendees on my systems, and methods.
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  • 3 day online training program – live recording of Aran presenting Property Mentorship Academy – 16 videos
  • 60 hours of online training videos that take you through the ten key areas one at a time teaching you the details you need in each of the areas to be an 8,9 or 10 at it!
  • ​Deep dive on all Five strategies so you can choose best one for you and then study it in detail. Or study all five (but Aran recommends get great at one)
  • ​​Lifetime Updates – the property market changes always – Aran updates the videos when it does and you get emailed to say there is an update! For life (Aran’s anyway)
  • Every Single Property Document you will ever need. Aran spent £2000 on one joint venture document alone – you get 100’s of documents.
  • Peer Group – like minded people who have been on this program before you – have invested successfully following what Aran teaches and will live in your area – you can connect with them and ask them questions in an open forum and privately – so as well as learning from Aran you learn from hundreds of other students too who have learnt and taken action
  • Aran’s World Class Team – after two decades of investing and over 200 properties bought for himself and over 1000 for clients and investors Aran has a world class support team. Tradespeople, accountants, solicitors, brokers, letting agents. Aran teams become yours. You can use them for the whole of the next year and then they will work for you for life! This on its own is worth the program investment
  • ​​Tickets to Attend the Live Event – we run these every two months in Manchester or London – so you can come and attend in person – having already watched it online beforehand. Three full days with Aran in person
  • Mentorship from Aran Personally for a whole year. One to one clients pay £40k for this. Ask Aran any question you want for a whole year
  • ​​Offset your Investment Against Tax – full tax teaching so you are tax efficient and can claim back 20% or 40% of your training costs
  • A Day in Aran’s Dining Room to get the job finished – you will already have bought some more properties – this day will help you ‘finish the job’. At the end of the first year you get to make a written action plan of what is left to do
  • ​​A Second Place for Free – bring a loved one, a friend or a potential joint venture partner – they can have full access and everything listed above for FREE – or split the cost with them!
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Join The Property Mentorship Academy