Property Coaching Academy

Property Coaching Academy

What you’ll learn through twelve outstanding modules:

  • The ten key areas that you need to master or outsource to get outstanding financial results in your property investing.
  • Which investment strategy is right for you personally, how to get 15 times the financial results a normal investor gets, how to assemble a great team who will make you money from property while you sleep and how you can finance property with a minimum of your own money.
  • The journey that others have taken to get to financial freedom through property and exactly what steps you need to take next.

-And much, much more!

Explore some of the modules:

Module 1:

Videos include The Safe Secure Portfolio Plan and Financial Thermometer and Mindset

Exercises include C.L.E.A.R. Vision Creating For Your Investment Journey


Module 3:

Videos include The Proven Profit Multiplier and The Confident Investment Formula

Exercises include Set Up Decisions – The Ultimate Foundations


Module 5:

Videos include The Time Tested Tax Toolkit and How To Get Laser Focus With Your Property Investing


Module 7:

Videos include Never Lose Money In Property Again and The Buy To Let Mortgage Market


Module 9:

Videos include Be Your Own Bank and Building Your Refurbishment Team


Module 11:

Videos include The Biggest Mistakes People Make In Property and How To Avoid Them

About Your Tutor, Aran Curry

Over the last 20 years, I have built a 200 strong property portfolio, and written the best-selling book “The Property Coach.” 

Alongside my own achievements, in the last year alone I’ve trained over 100,000 people on their investment journey using my unique education systems and have helped over 1000 purchases take place through our “done for you” property investment service.

“Insight Education” was born out of my innate passion to help property investors experience the wealth, and success they deserve risk-free. As part of my mission, I also hold fortnightly webinars, regularly attracting 400 attendees to extend my education as far as possible. 

In June 2019 I shared a stage with Grant Cardone at the 10X Property Super Conference in June, educating over 1,400 attendees on my systems, and methods.

What Our Students Say

I used to have Tony Robbins as my mentor, now I add Aran Curry to that list


This would be good for newbies and people with less than ten properties, but also has good reminders for the more experienced investor. It's a down to earth style, where you can dip in and out of the 'ten key areas


It was very enlightening learning about how property can be something which works very well with anyone who is willing to put proper time & effort into it


Very, very interesting - Aran gives some great content here

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