Aran Curry

One to One Coaching

Is One to One Coaching right for me?

One to one coaching and mentoring with Aran is for dedicated investors who are determined to gain great outcomes from their property investing. Aran has a great track record having achieved financial independence through property nine years ago and having helped hundreds of other people to do the same.

He now works with a select six clients per year to personally coach them to achieve their financial goals. This is for people who are totally serious about guaranteeing that their property investing leads to financial freedom through property and the choices in life that that brings.

It is not “Get Rich Quick” coaching. There is no magic wand.

However Aran will work with you to get clear on your strategy and plan and then to help you put all the pieces together and then hold you accountable to ensuring you get the outcomes and results that you want.

Commitment from you

To ensure you can get the most out of the coaching and get the results you wish for you will need to:

  • Commit to an alignment session of 3 hours with Aran to get your goals and outcomes clear and committed
  • Commit to spending eight hours a week on your property journey to take in the learning and then apply and deliver your outcomes.
  • Commit to your weekly 45 minute call with Aran and to do the follow up and training he recommends
  • Have access to 200k+ of your own money or equity or joint venture money that you can use to invest and grow your portfolio and outcomes
  • Be open to coaching and be willing to be pushed
  • To be able to pay the £25,000 up front to pay for your coaching (note the guarantees and promises covered below)
  • To have the success of your coaching a MUST for you.
  • The coaching is a one year coaching program.

Support and Plans

  • Two Free Tickets to Aran’s Three day events (two a year so you can attend the event twice with your partner or spouse or loved ones)
  • Direct Ask Aran Anything forum so in between coaching you can get more basic questions answered and also see other people’s questions and Aran’s answers
  • An awesome peer group as you get to work with Aran’s other clients and can feedback to them and get their feedback on your questions.
  • Two log ins for Coaching Academy – Aran’s headline 12 month program where he teaches you the Safe Secure Portfolio Plan
  • Learning and Content from the £20,000 per annum of training Aran has done for the last 10 years.
  • Aran’s commitment to use his industry contacts to get you the very best advice if you are covering a topic that someone else is better at!
  • Free tickets for you, your peer group and friends to Aran’s One Day Property Investing Made Easy Workshop worth £297
  • Business Coaching Techniques to help you build your property business as a business that works and grows without you

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